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It's your time.

Have you lost yourself as a

Do you find yourself filling roles and not filling your

soul ? 

Are you ready to rise and 

thrive ?

Rise from the ashes.

I’m a devoted mother.  I’m an admired home educator.  I was the apple of my husband‘s eye. Then my reality went up in flames.  Mental illness and betrayal were the fuel. My family lit the match that burned my life down.


In the midst of that fire, I found the courage to stand in the flames. Fire refines a fierce woman. In admitting that I forgot who I was as a woman, I realized that I fell asleep and quit on myself.  It’s time to get up. Engage with me as I find my way—and my voice. I am rising from the ashes of family betrayal—and you can, too.

Reclaim your dignity.

There is no dignity in silence. So I share my story.

Sharing with others is setting my heart, soul, and mind free.

I facilitate honest conversations about the pain of family betrayal.


I walk alongside other women, encouraging their transformations.


I brightened the light that’s inside of me—and I’ll do the same for you. My words are the balm that restored my heart—a balm that I can share with other broken people.

Some of the voices around me said: don’t tell your story! They urged me to be silent and to “get over” the betrayal and the pain I was feeling. 

I Decided. No.

There are too many women who suffer in silent shame. No more shame.  Shame is not my—or your—garment to wear. What will it take to reclaim your story?  Let’s walk and reclaim it together.

Silence the voices that say you can’t—that you’re not good enough. 

Silence them because you can—and you are good enough. 

Together we propel each other forward. We may have been pushed aside, but in time, you’ll thank your betrayer for the push. I know I did.

So, dearest husband, thanks for the push. You left me alone to raise our children. You removed your light from our family and used it to build a life with another man’s wife. Yes, you left me, but you also left me with a story.

I wrote a song about it, like to hear it?

Here it goes:

Go, Ree-Ree, Go

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