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Doretea "Ree-Ree" Burton

Orator, Mother, Coach, Author

Difference Maker

Reclaim your light. Rebuild your life.

Equal parts woman and warrior, Doretea L. Burton—Ree-Ree to those who know her best—fought to reclaim a sense of self after a devastating journey. After 24 years of matrimony, this wife, mother of six, advocate, and educator faced a marital betrayal. With the truth about her marriage and her existence laid bare, Ree-Ree stripped away the lies and the self-doubt. By embracing self-love—and the light of her God, friends, and family—Ree-Ree forged a bold path forward.


A homeschool educator, speaker, and coach for nearly two decades, Ree-Ree founded The Armor Academy, which encourages home educators and students to achieve their personal best. Today, her persistence—and prowess as a mentor—help others strip away obstacles to happiness and rebuild meaningful lives. Parlaying her pain into purpose, Ree-Ree channels her inspiration as a podcaster, author, and philanthropist.