are a difference maker.

I am a difference maker.


I wanted a tag line that represents who I am while representing who you are too.  I am- you are- a difference maker. Welcome to the movement.

Go, Ree-Ree, go is my battlecry forward.  Insert your name there too.  Go, Tiffanie; Go, Nicole; Go, Crystal.  Toward what are we moving? We are moving toward preserving the family, moving towards the truth.

We are using our words to counter against the callous attitudes that makes a woman comfortable enough to betray another woman by engaging in an affair with her husband.

We are using our words to take our stories back from a man society has made comfortable enough to denigrate his wife and family to hide his guilt and shame.

We are moving toward breaking the circle of indifference that envelops a man by way of his family and friends who rally around the lie as opposed to standing for the truth and for the family.

The Emperor has no clothes on.  Be a difference maker and 

let him know!

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