And, But, Yet...

Y'all. I got caught. I mean I caught myself actually; nobody else caught me. But nevertheless, I was caught. It's 1:30 am. I'm hours into a coronavirus lockdown mandated by the state, and they say we could be homebound for at least two months, and my seven year old still suffers from separation anxiety, and he sleeps not just next to me, but practically on me, and I don't get good rest at all because of it, and I'm one week into a divorce, and the judge didn't order this bama to pay the legal fees for my first attorney, and I feel like I might be overwhelmed by the debt he stuck me with, and I'm trying to build myself up as a brand, but it takes time and money, and I feel both are running short, and my boys started a mumbo sauce business, and it's been rather slow considering the lockdown, and my telephone line has all but dried up because friends don't call anymore. Yet, I caught myself....smiling for no reason.


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