Updated: Apr 2, 2020

One of the things I discovered about myself is that I have been seeking to create an ideal family. Not just with my relatives, but also with my friends. Although we are so very close now, my sister and I did not always share a close relationship. As for my mother, we’ve always had a difficult time getting along.  But it didn’t mean I didn’t want that family somehow.

Naturally, I sought other people.

When I thirsted for family connection to replace my mother, there was Ms. Hancock, an executive assistant I met at my first real job in college. There was my mother-in-law, believe it or not. Over the years she became a soft landing spot for me. For sister relationships, there were quite a few women God sent to me. Whenever I made these connections, I longed for them to stay the same; never change. I wanted them to remain intense and supportive. During my storm, several of those connections changed drastically. A few were severed.

Sometimes we look for that blood connection with folks and it's not there. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm learning more as I age to accept what level of family and friendship people can give me. But I just sit back in amazement at how God provides friends through the various seasons of my life to be my sisters, my mother, my counselors, my pastor, and my conscience when I need it. I am so grateful that I have a person or two that I can tell bits and pieces of truth, and a person or two that I can tell the whole story. So many that have walked with me for years through ups and downs. They know my story. They know me and they still love me. And they are not required to!

Thank God for an amazing GOD-inspired family who knows how to speak a word, whether in a whisper or a shout, that says "Keep Going".  "I got you". "God's got you."

Sometimes you're not born into your family. Sometimes God gives them to you along the way.

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