Gray Is A Color, Too

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

There are so many colors on the color wheel upon which we can land.  The colors we land on describe where we are emotionally. You’re familiar with the most common ones. There is red when we are angry. There’s blue for sadness and brown for depression.  Purple, one of my favorites, symbolizes walking in perfection, standing in my royalty. Green brings feelings of life, vitality, and productiveness. (I need more green in my life!) Yellow, the color of happiness.

Then there are the poles. Black, the absence of light. We can’t live there on that black spot in darkness. However, on the opposite end is white; the absence of darkness, perfection. We don’t truly land on white this side of life. In our rush to landing on the desirable colors, we forget that sometimes we can land on gray. It’s not as interesting or definitive as the others.  Even the negative colors seem to be more desirable to land on rather than landing on the indecisive, melancholy, stagnant, blahness of gray. But gray is a color, too.

It’s ok to land on gray. That’s where you get quiet and gather your strength and resources.  Allow those relationships you’ve nourished to nourish you. That’s where you find your strength in God to put the color back in your life. My gray season was uncomfortable for people around me. I think they had become so used to my rainbow personality. Even my bouts on brown and black was something they could understand, identify, and deal with. Me being stuck on gray, neither hot nor cold, neither black nor white, neither yellow or brown was too much for many to bear.

So I had to be bold enough to bear it with the few that could be on the color guard team with me. How about you? Feeling the color gray a little more than you’d like? That’s ok! Gray is a color, too.

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