Murder Mystery

What comes to mind when you think of that word? I see blood. I see a cold killer waiting in the shadows. I see evil personified crafting a plan to come through the shadows and using whatever weapon they have on hand to take my life. Well, my husband murdered me. His weapons of choice, bad mouthing me, lying about our marriage, taking my children every two weeks, killing my soul with his insults, taking away my health insurance, making my retirement insecure, kicking me and my children out of our home, creating a situation where I may have to endure Manrique's Wife on a regular... just to start.

In one of my middle of the night poems I penned, "he kept screwing me while planning to screw me." Seriously, just a couple of months before he left, he face planted into my bare behind as I lay across our bed after showering. Then he goes and says we were just friends. Does it get more evil?

My friend and I used to talk a lot of about Betty Broderik. Don't get uptight, I'm not on her side as to murder. She had no right to take the life of her husband (Just because he changed his mind, he was still her husband!) and his affair partner (Just cause he put a ring on it and moved her into Betty's life doesn't make it classy.), he murdered Betty. Go back and read the story. She did what it took to get him through law school. She built that practice with him. She conceived, bore, and raised children with him. When he decided he wanted to trade her in, she probably got the same crap I got "men do this". people can change their mind. "don't be....say it with me....petty". It can drive you absolutely mad.

I used to envision severe harm coming to him, but not before she was beat up first. I always thought that I would at least cut a ho for this type of behavior. When he had the first affair with her and ended it, he told me that he wanted to stay with me. He later told me that he saw her at work and she told him she missed him. With him in the room listening, I called her up and told her some of the things he said about her and instructed her to get her husband to meet her needs and not mine. I did that because he was by my side and approved. Now, having him be at her side, I refuse to fight over a no count husband. Further, I had to be about my money.

My alimony and child support was on the line. The way I looked at it $16,998 was mine to lose. I imagined his check after he paid me....... and I thought. No need to cut Manrique's Wife, the usurper, or slaughter him, the sheep. Taking my money and twirling is even better.

See, I'm not bitter. Just a smidge petty.

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