No One Will Mourn My Death

Watching the movie Uncorked, I found myself sad when the family matriarch dies of cancer. Although it’s only a movie, you can feel the sadness just by watching the back of her husband as he lays himself down to sleep without his wife for the first time. The thought hits me; no one will mourn my death.

I expected that it would be so sad if Nyles and I did not die together. I believe that with the amount of time we have been together, it would be unbearable for one of us to exist without the other. I was wrong. Nyles killed me and did it with a smile on his face. His accomplice is his new roommate.

This is an aspect of divorce I never knew existed. Realizing no one will mourn my death. At least not in the way that I believed I would get from my husband. As I face the new world we are all facing right now- a world climate with Corona Virus concerns running high; I am abandoned all over again. The only message I got from him during this crisis came nearly two months into it. It was a text message where he forwarded a website article titled “How to Protect Your Family From Corona Virus”. He sent a personal message attached to it “Some good information”.

He failed to protect his family. He failed to protect our marriage, and he failed to protect my life. I don’t need a text from him about the Corona Virus. The Kriscia Virus has already killed everybody over here on Exmoore Court.

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