Rise and Tithe

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Most of my life I have had the habit of waking up, opening my eyes, and seconds later hopping up to get things done.  What kind of things didn’t matter, I just had to be busy and working. I was raised by good Southern women.  With them a person learns early that being idle is a serious sin. I was raised to look for opportunities to jump in and help. I felt incomplete, lazy, and un-Christlike if I wasn’t serving. So it’s no surprise that I bought that unhealthy view into my own family.  In fairness, I do count it among the habits I had that were not productive to my children or my husband.  There was a time when I realized that I needed to revamp this habit in order to have more fullness in my life.

In late 2016, I decided to get serious, yet again, about losing weight.  I put together a plan of what to do to help ensure my success.  One of the things I decided to do  was to “Tithe My Day”. I used this concept to change the pattern I had all my life.  The pattern of getting up and working needed to change into a pattern of getting up and seeking God first. I selected a passage of scripture each day that supported my goal of losing weight. Then spent time thanking God and seeking to hear from Him.  It was one of the best choices I made.  I knew I was on to something.

I was so sure because that was during the time that my husband had what I believe was his second midlife crisis "bomb drop". I reacted nothing like I am reacting this third time.  Getting up and setting my sights on God and on my own personal goal was liberating.  My husband would still take me out to eat, but I wouldn’t eat the same things he would.  After I tithed my day, I’d go downstairs and make myself a good breakfast before the gym.  Even though he was nasty and cold in the mornings, as an act of obedience to the role my husband occupied in our home, I offered him some of the food as well. Then I’d head to the gym.  There in my van, I’d let the tears fall.  I’d cry and talk to friends and I’d continue my conversations with God.

Then I would walk into the gym, get on the treadmill, listen to music that inspired, and continue my conversations with the Father.  By the time I did those things and returned home, the children were up and about and getting their day started. The way I was starting my day helped me to get more done for them and for myself.  As a result of these efforts, I lost about 20 pounds in three weeks and I had a peace about me in the middle of the madness.   I completely credit it with the practice of tithing my day.

So today, I went back to that practice.  I went back because yesterday I kept thinking to myself: nothing you need to do is unknown to you.  What did that mean?  Well, currently there’s not a tactic I’m employing to accomplish my goals that I didn’t already know to do.  I just have to return to the practices that I know work.  But returning is not enough.  I must also be diligent and consistent with those practices.

So today was the first morning I started it up again. I went into my closet and headed to the back of it.  There I read my devotion for today and then I spent time talking to God.   I know  this works for me.  I know this sets my day off on the right foot.  A foot firmly planted In God’s word.  A foot facing straight in the direction in which He would have me to go.  When God asks us to bring him our first fruits we always think money, but time is money. Time is valuable.

What we focus on and put our energy and time into is what’s important to us.  What better way to honor God’s spirit in you than to rise and tithe your day?

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