Safe Sex Saves Money

That and telling random insignificant pharmacy techs 'no' when... well, never mind, I won't finish that sentence.

In the last episode of the podcast titled A Better Man than Me (listen to it here ), I ended the episode talking about how the head of the household destroys himself and his family financially because of their own choices. You can't blame a judge, your wife, the boogeyman, your kids, the system, a yeti, the 'man', the stars, or the moon for it.

I also ended the episode promising to post my poem from the Not Bitter. Just Petty. book (purchase a copy here.) here on the blog. So here it is!

I wrote this poem one night when I was feeling so worthless. How many times have we all heard, it's cheaper to keep her? Yet, here I was looking at this number my friend told me was the possible child support and alimony amount. Surely, he got the same info and was deciding to throw me away anyway. I looked at the six and thought about how many kids we had. I looked at the nine and thought about how many kids we'd have if there were no miscarriages. I started using the other numbers to make equations and the poem was there on my phone's notes app. I laid my head down and got some sleep.

Justice would have been my judge giving me every dime of it. She didn't. I say I got screwed.

The next episode of the podcast will go further into the issue of men complaining about child support. A past guest is returning and sharing how her husband feels ridiculously entitled to not only abandon his family but to also take his nickels and dimes with him.

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