That's What He Said

He said, "I never loved you." He also said, "I love you, Ree Ree, Don't leave me."

He said, my mother just wants me all to herself. You're all that matters." My mother-in- law said, "I didn't know how much pain he was in being married to you."

He said, "I'm teaching the kids a valuable lesson by leaving." They said, "He's hurting too."

He said, "I'm leaving to be a better father." My child said "Dad's a bitch."

He said, "I want a divorce right away!" He also said, "But unfortunately, I can't give you money for a lawyer."

I said, "God restore my marriage." They said, "You can't force God to give you what you want."

He said, "Kriscia doesn't want a damn thing from me!" My investigator says, Kriscia has a new pharmacist license, a new $450,000 house, a new Audi, and more...and my husband is living with her.

He said, "I'll be gentle in how I introduce the kids to Kriscia." My daughter said "She's a female dog."

They said, "He left you not the children." He said, "I want you all out of the house right away."

I said, "I want to help other betrayed women. I want to take back my story." They said, "Don't be bitter; co-parent in dignity."

I said, "I'm not bitter, darling; I'm just petty", and then, I no longer cared what they said.

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