The Road We're On

My baby Brooke says she is my secretary. Her payment is flaming hot Funyons and cashew nuts. She doesn’t do any specific job (she really doesn’t do anything at all ). She primarily randomly hollers out one of my tag lines. Her favorite is I decided. No. And she’s gotten into the habit of leaving me random notes and drawings. I chide her a lot telling her she’s the worst secretary ever. Today was different. Today she earned her pay. She left a gem in my journal. She wrote one line, “The road goes two ways.” I asked her what it meant. She smiled and said “I don’t know.”, and walked off. An accidental genius! The meaning struck me immediately. The declaration, poetic and accurate, so simply describes the road our family is on. Not just us but her father too. The road has two ways- toward peace and toward chaos. I rejected the idea that walking toward accepting my husband’s rewritten history and his adulterous relationship with Kriscia had peace. Doing so would have meant that we were on a road to peace alright. That peace would have been merely a green screen only providing the illusion of peace. No. I’m going the other way. The other way on the road is filled with rejection. There will be ridicule. I know there will be harsh critics, trolls, and people who pass judgment. But it’s the only way I can go. If I take that road, which is the one less traveled, I believe it’s my only path to true lasting peace. So I packed what I needed from my old life and prepared my children for the journey. We are making a right turn and taking that lonely walk.

My husband, however, has taken a left. And just like the leader in the children’s story “The Emperor's New Clothes", he’s marching happily through the streets proclaiming his freedom, happiness, and newfound soul mate. A small crowd has formed around him. Some, like his mother, support and cheer him on. Some agree with him- partly out of ignorance as to what to do. Many are gathered just to watch the show. All, however, stand by and watch him on the road to the destruction of his family and they see he’s wearing no clothes. None brave enough to tell him, “Hey, my man, you don’t have no clothes on.”

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