Today is 5/5/5000

Not Bitter. Just Petty. The Podcast

Five months. Five continents. Five thousand downloads. Drops mic.

What a hell of an emotional roller coaster. I used to hate the term 'resilient'. I also hated when someone would quote the Bible scripture where Joseph says what you meant to harm me turned out for my good. I hated it until I took a four page love letter Nyles said he was forced to write me and turned every part of it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am One Fierce Woman as he put it. He did lie about our the state of our relationship in order to spread the blame as he admitted. He did disrespect his wife and children and most importantly— I did need to reclaim my light as he wrote closing the letter.

Taking all of that in, I decided to take that scarlet letter A off of me and find a pathway to being resilient despite the immense betrayal. Women who are betrayed through divorce, abandonment, abuse, church hurt, molestation, sexual assault, toxic friendships, and more, carry the burden of smiling through pain and speaking life giving- forgiving words for their abusers. We try so hard to smile while those people who want to remain “neutral” add to the sense of abandonment. Why? So that we look Christian and forgiving. I wasn’t built that kind of tomfoolery.

I am celebrating achieving this milestone with the help of some friends and listeners. So you’ll see a few posts about it this weekend on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I post on my personal page because most of those many listeners move in silence. Still ashamed because their life’s work has gone down the drain and they feel accused and isolated when they speak up.

So, Happy 5/5/5000 Weekend! I’m trying to drop my Covid weight so I’ve only got water in my petty tea cup but cheers to all of you who support, share, send me messages of encouragement, listen, cry with me and laugh with me. #IGotKrisciad and #HeDidtoo but at least I’m #NotBitterJustPetty.

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