Today is the perfect day

This morning, I didn’t want to get up. I was tired, and I had a plan to meet my neighbor Kevin. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel. I don’t mean no fake soldier either. I’m talking the team leading, mission accomplishing, order barking, plane jumping type of military man. I made the mistake of asking him to walk with me each evening so I could get back on track. He ‘bout killed me last night. It was our first evening out and he went straight into military mode.

He periodically yelled military march commands. He used words and phrases I hadn’t heard of. Intimidating stuff that let me know taking a break wasn’t a good option. He said we’d meet up again in the morning, and I agreed. But when I woke up this morning, I was beat. I was thinking, ‘I should start this tomorrow’. I got up anyway. I decided, no. “Let’s go, Ree-Ree,” I told myself.

Today is the perfect day.

When I got back home the kids had begun the business huddle we do each morning. I didn’t feel like I had time to attend, but I made time. We came up with a pretty good plan for getting goals accomplished today. I showered and did my morning face routine. It’s been on my list to get back to taking care of my body each morning. Honestly, I neglected my hair, my clothes and some mornings would opt for the quickest of showers when I was running after the children. Deciding I had time later. I made time today not just to quickly shower and get dressed, but I made time to bask in my bathroom. That’s a beautiful word for a recovering professional wife and mother like me… bask. I showered. I put Noxema on my face. Just to completely lose myself in the moment, I pulled out the beauty face masks my daughter Brooke gave me for Mother’s Day. I had them siting pretty in a holder waiting for the perfect day. Today is it.

Today is the perfect day.

The boys decided to order fried chicken from a carryout in Fort Washington. The boys are creating content for their social media page. They want to try the restaurant’s chicken with their mumbo sauce and post a video. I was rushing, but I took time to make some prepared meals for myself. Healthy meals I could eat today instead of the chicken and for the next few days. Not gourmet, not imaginative, but I got it done even though I didn’t feel like I had time. The kitchen wasn’t spotless. I didn’t have everything I needed to make several variations of meals like I used to do for ‘him’ when he was here, but I did it. I did it imperfectly, and I did it today.

Today is the perfect day.

As I sat and looked at what I had accomplished so far, I felt like I had wasted time. It’s just before noon. I didn’t feel like I had done enough, but when I considered how many days I didn’t do my Noxema routine. The days I rushed through a shower, and failed to eat breakfast opting for something unhealthy on the go so we could make a class or event. How many mornings had I made his “ready meals” as we called them so he could be nourished at work, but found no time to make some ready meals of my own? I made a different call today. A call that put me first. A call that respected not just my body and my goal list, but with this call I respected my time. Why?

Because I decided that finally… today is the perfect day.

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