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Why It Will Work. We Can, and We’re Worth It.

I’ve met many people hurt by family betrayal. Many women are trying to reinvent themselves inside the footprints of wife and mother. Footprints that have defined their borders for so long that breaking free seems impossible.

I’m not the only mother to be torched online by an angry child. I'm not the only wife to be vilified while her husband runs off with Boo Boo Kitty. My husband isn’t the first—and he won’t be the last—to rewrite history to justify weakness.

I’m worth being free. You are too! You can change your life. It will work when you put your heart into it. You, beautiful, are most definitely worth it.

And that's why I I decided no because I want to be free. What do you need to say no to? Who do you need to say no to? Wake up and break free!

No, you are not bound.

No you can heal.

No, you actually can cry and cry and cry if it helps you.

No.  It won’t be like this always.

And it all starts with the decision…No.

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