Not Bitter. Just Petty.

Changing the narrative.

Bitter. Petty. Unforgiving. Vindictive.  Hurtful labels, hurled after betrayal, bully women into submission. Ree-Ree and her guests help women change the narrative. By talking through turmoil, they process the bitterness brought on by life’s disappointments. With humor and heart, they help you embrace the anger and gradually  transcend it.

Holding a Book

"The Book of Petty"

I thought it. But did I do it?

Some behaviors are natural in the wake of betrayal, hurt, and anger. Our consciences (and our desires not to end up on the wrong side of the law) keep us from acting on the petty ideas that come to mind in the midst of the pain. Written with humor and heart, Ree-Ree and her contributors explore the depths of pettiness in this “Bible of Petty”.

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“Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

From naked and vulnerable to clothed and confident.

A portrait of betrayal and transcendence, Ree-Ree explores how we approach life openly, bearing our gifts to everyone but ourselves. While transparency is beautiful, it leaves us vulnerable to pain and a poor self-image. Interweaving her story with exercises for reflection, Ree-Ree helps us evaluate our vulnerabilities. Then she gives us the clothes to build new wardrobes.


"Not Bitter. Just Petty."

The back story—and the way forward.

When her words were choked back by tears, Ree-Ree wrote heartfelt notes to her friends. This compilation of poems, essays, and notes illuminates Ree-Ree’s  backstory—and her emergence from pain.


"I'll Walk With You"

Finding sisterhood in a shared experience.

Taking those first steps out of separation and divorce are daunting and isolating. In this interactive journal, Ree-Ree walks alongside us, helping us turn transitions into transformations. As a coach and companion who has “walked the walk,” Ree-Ree broadens horizons and brightens the light inside.

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The Kriscia Fund, Inc.

Fight for the preservation of your family.

The fallout from betrayal is all-encompassing. The Kriscia Fund, Inc. (TKF) assists women fighting to restore their families—and their identities—in the wake of separation and divorce. TKF provides financial, social, and spiritual support to women experiencing family crises. Click here or #IGotKrisciad to learn more.